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 Starship Operators [MKV][DualAudio][230 MB]~[MU][FTP2Share]#

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The Bandit King

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PostSubject: Starship Operators [MKV][DualAudio][230 MB]~[MU][FTP2Share]#   Mon Dec 31, 2007 10:00 am

Starship Operators
[MKV] [Dual Audio] [230 MB]


Genres: Drama, Military, Science Fiction

Age rating: Teenagers (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity)

Plot Summary: For the 73rd class of cadets of the Defense University of the small planet Kibi, a shakedown cruise on the fleet's new starship "Amaterasu" is a fitting lead-up to graduation. As they are returning to their home planet, however, they are shocked to hear news of a declaration of war by the aggressive Kingdom against Kibi. When their planetary government surrenders without a struggle, the cadets decide to launch their own war, aboard the "Amaterasu". To gain funding, they make a deal with a galactic news network - and find themselves the "stars" of their own "reality show". Unfortunately, this is the kind of reality show that can get you killed...

(from anime news network)

-Anime News Network
Uploaded By: The Bandit |{ing
Host: MegaUpload, DivShare
Quality: High
Container: MKV
Subtitles: Yes, Dialog (plain text)
Size: 230 MB
Encoder: Blitz
Encoders Site:
Re Encoder: The Bandit |{ing
Episodes: 13
Total Size: 2950 MB

Video Codec: XviD
Screen: WideScreen (16/9)
Video Resolution: 640x352
Video Framerate: 23.976 fps
Video Run Time: 25 minutes

Audio Type: Vorbis (VBR)
Audio Sample rate: 48 KHz
Channels: 2
Audio Language: Dual (English/Japanese)
Password TBK
Files with PW in their name are password protected.
Please if Possible download from Megaupload so that I can get a Free Premium Account
My 2 Cents -Well the first 2 Episodes seemed a little chessy, but I really got into it after that.


[Blitz]Starship_Operators_-_01_[Sirus]_[0633607B].mkv --232 MB 24U7OE4E -SO_1_TBK_.part1.rar -95 MB 1MX92IKE -SO_1_TBK_.part2.rar -95 MB NAXS82VQ -SO_1_TBK_.part3.rar -42 MB

[Blitz]Starship_Operators_-_02_[Sirus]_[C0A82E39].mkv --232 MB BOVB51QJ -SO_2_TBK_.part1.rar -95 MB 5NGRTIE9 -SO_2_TBK_.part2.rar -95 MB 0A56NOXM -SO_2_TBK_.part3.rar -42 MB

[Blitz]Starship_Operators_-_03_[Sirus]_[2A803A2B].mkv --232 MB I2QHQXRF -SO_3_TBK_.part1.rar -95 MB OKDGKWJA -SO_3_TBK_.part2.rar -95 MB MM7GHOA8 -SO_3_TBK_.part3.rar -42 MB

[Blitz]Starship_Operators_-_04_[Sirus]_[AB16C875].mkv --232 MB 3OFBARGF -SO_4_TBK_.part1.rar -95 MB VFA7EN25 -SO_4_TBK_.part2.rar -95 MB N32EBHQI -SO_4_TBK_.part3.rar -42 MB

[Blitz]Starship_Operators_-_05_[Sirus]_[DCBEAAE5].mkv --232 MB PR3WZUXG -SO_5_TBK_.part1.rar -95 MB 8AO9CD76 -SO_5_TBK_.part2.rar -95 MB S2F5ENGF -SO_5_TBK_.part3.rar -42 MB

[Blitz]Starship_Operators_-_06_[Sirus]_[F8AA06E9].mkv -232 MB HR1QQMHE -SO_6_TBK_.part1.rar -95 MB 9APPBIUY -SO_6_TBK_.part2.rar -95 MB JISSYOTC -SO_6_TBK_.part3.rar -42 MB

[Blitz]Starship_Operators_-_07_[Sirus]_[12D2AD35].mkv --232 MB 5HAPHSDH -SO_7_TBK_.part1.rar -95 MB HPHC7G7U -SO_7_TBK_.part2.rar -95 MB 4BSUQP4T -SO_7_TBK_.part3.rar -42 MB

[Blitz]Starship_Operators_-_08_[Sirus]_[5E2DC20B].mkv --232 MB LY1PZRK8 -SO_8_TBK_.part1.rar -95 MB AOMVUI7E -SO_8_TBK_.part2.rar -95 MB MGW36Q9L -SO_8_TBK_.part3.rar -42 MB

[Blitz]Starship_Operators_-_09_[Sirus]_[720F83A4].mkv --232 MB KQ04LC1O -SO_9_TBK_.part1.rar -95 MB 1A1XXFT6 -SO_9_TBK_.part2.rar -95 MB QK00ATMW -SO_9_TBK_.part3.rar -42 MB

[Blitz]Starship_Operators_-_10_[Sirus]_[3F370334].mkv --232 MB YVN3RV3I -SO_10_TBK_.part1.rar -95 MB A4CL6FZR -SO_10_TBK_.part2.rar -95 MB J18DW3DC -SO_10_TBK_.part3.rar -42 MB

[Blitz]Starship_Operators_-_11_[Sirus]_[9D948A9C].mkv --232 MB TLIXY1IP -SO_11_TBK_.part1.rar -95 MB G3J691QS -SO_11_TBK_.part2.rar -95 MB OF9F87NN -SO_11_TBK_.part3.rar -42 MB

[Blitz]Starship_Operators_-_12_[Sirus]_[C0A9161D].mkv --232 MB Y09IB4PM -SO_12_TBK_.part1.rar -95 MB BQ50ICYM -SO_12_TBK_.part2.rar -95 MB ZW4G8GSO -SO_12_TBK_.part3.rar -42 MB

[Blitz]Starship_Operators_-_13_[Sirus]_[33B5728A].mkv --232 MB T3S4EU7N -SO_13_TBK_.part1.rar -95 MB KOD0DRVD -SO_13_TBK_.part2.rar -95 MB JDER2T7K -SO_13_TBK_.part3.rar -42 MB


[Blitz]Starship_Operators_-_01_[Sirus]_[0633607B].mkv --232 MB

When I hit 100,000 MegaUpload downloads I will add the rest of the Ftp2Share links


Feel Free to share the links just DO NOT edit them in anyway.

-For the most up to date version of this page, (more mirrors, ect..) go here -

[MU] StaticShock7
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PostSubject: Re: Starship Operators [MKV][DualAudio][230 MB]~[MU][FTP2Share]#   Mon Dec 31, 2007 10:02 am

cool thanks
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Starship Operators [MKV][DualAudio][230 MB]~[MU][FTP2Share]#
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