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 Yumeria [MKV] [Dual Audio] [233 MB] ~[MegaUpload]

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The Bandit King

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PostSubject: Yumeria [MKV] [Dual Audio] [233 MB] ~[MegaUpload]   Mon Dec 31, 2007 10:01 am

[MKV] [Dual Audio] [230 MB] [MegaUpload]


Genres: Comedy, Magical Girl, Shounen

Age rating: Teenagers (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity)

Plot Summary: On his 16th birthday, Tomokazu Mikuri had a realistic dream where he sees a girl battling a giant floating monstrosity. When he wakes up, he is surprised that the girl is actually sleeping next to him... Whenever he sleeps from now on, he ends up back at the dream world, and more and more people that he knows keep showing up there too. He finds out from a mysterious masked woman in the dream world named Silk that they are fighting against one named Faydoom, and he is the one who provides the powers to those girls so that they can fight these monsters. And so it goes...

(from anime news network)

-Anime News Network
Uploaded By: The Bandit |{ing
Host: MegaUpload
Quality: High
Container: MKV
Subtitles: Yes, Text and Dialog
Size: 230 MB
Encoder: Exiled-Destiny
Episodes: 12
Total Size: 2720 MB

Video Codec: H.264
Screen: WideScreen 16/9
Video Resolution: 640x352
Video Framerate: 29.970 fps
Video Run Time: 24 minutes

Audio Type: Vorbis (VBR)
Audio Sample rate: 48 Khz
Channels: 2
Audio Language: Dual (Japanese/English)
Password TBK
Not all the files are Password protected, but the ones with PW in the name are.
Please if Possible download from Megaupload so that I can get a Free Premium Account
My 2 Cents -Enjoy


[Exiled-Destiny]_Yumeria_Ep01_(6A696B93).mkv -233 MB 9LB9AEG5 MegaUpload -Y1-PW-_TBK_.part1.rar - 95.3 MB NFQF4P4E MegaUpload -Y1-PW-_TBK_.part2.rar - 95.3 MB FFJLY7BF MegaUpload -Y1-PW-_TBK_.part3.rar - 42.5 MB

[Exiled-Destiny]_Yumeria_Ep02_(61E6B4FC).mkv -233 MB F25QJWDU MegaUpload -Y2-PW-_TBK_.part1.rar - 95.3 MB EVGM0FKA MegaUpload -Y2-PW-_TBK_.part2.rar - 95.3 MB CZQ0F1LW MegaUpload -Y2-PW-_TBK_.part3.rar - 42.4 MB

[Exiled-Destiny]_Yumeria_Ep03_(818D3166).mkv -233 MB VRRLWKXF MegaUpload -Y3-PW-_TBK_.part1.rar - 95.3 MB FP2RFD9S MegaUpload -Y3-PW-_TBK_.part2.rar - 95.3 MB J2WI20JH MegaUpload -Y3-PW-_TBK_.part3.rar - 42.6 MB

[Exiled-Destiny]_Yumeria_Ep04_(B125A1BE).mkv -233 MB E68V2DE0 MegaUpload -Y4-PW-_TBK_.part1.rar - 95.3 MB AAXIY62C MegaUpload -Y4-PW-_TBK_.part2.rar - 95.3 MB VHNZR14R MegaUpload -Y4-PW-_TBK_.part3.rar - 42.5 MB

[Exiled-Destiny]_Yumeria_Ep05_(D9C80AFA).mkv -232 MB K9CGANGX MegaUpload -Y5-PW-_TBK_.part1.rar - 95.3 MB 0LNEAGYC MegaUpload -Y5-PW-_TBK_.part2.rar - 95.3 MB 95OPTBC6 MegaUpload -Y5-PW-_TBK_.part3.rar - 37.6 MB

[Exiled-Destiny]_Yumeria_Ep06_(FD921CD9).rar -232 MB BISRRAUC MegaUpload -Y6-PW-_TBK_.part1.rar - 95.3 MB 9UNSRFZ7 MegaUpload -Y6-PW-_TBK_.part2.rar - 95.3 MB 84EW49B4 MegaUpload -Y6-PW-_TBK_.part3.rar - 42.0 MB

[Exiled-Destiny]_Yumeria_Ep07_(7FFA1D89).mkv -232 MB P2A1G7F5 MegaUpload -Y7-PW-_TBK_.part1.rar - 95.3 MB 1KMF72SI MegaUpload -Y7-PW-_TBK_.part2.rar - 95.3 MB XG2XQGPI MegaUpload -Y7-PW-_TBK_.part3.rar - 42.1 MB

[Exiled-Destiny]_Yumeria_Ep08_(3898CEFB).mkv -232 MB TS9P589S MegaUpload -Y8-PW-_TBK_.part1.rar - 95.3 MB UIEFEOSG MegaUpload -Y8-PW-_TBK_.part2.rar - 95.3 MB W9A9XPXD MegaUpload -Y8-PW-_TBK_.part3.rar - 42.0 MB

[Exiled-Destiny]_Yumeria_Ep09_(CA5A2EDB).mkv -232 MB ZKAD9AFD MegaUpload -Y9-PW-_TBK_.part1.rar - 95.3 MB T3NAVJ9E MegaUpload -Y9-PW-_TBK_.part2.rar - 95.3 MB 5OV3OZBU MegaUpload -Y9-PW-_TBK_.part3.rar - 42.2 MB

[Exiled-Destiny]_Yumeria_Ep10_(2BB236E9).mkv -232 MB TN483OWZ MegaUpload -Y10-PW-_TBK_.part1.rar - 95.3 MB 7U0SQ636 MegaUpload -Y10-PW-_TBK_.part2.rar - 95.3 MB QAGTMB0C MegaUpload -Y10-PW-_TBK_.part3.rar - 42.0 MB

[Exiled-Destiny]_Yumeria_Ep11_(E8FC8334).mkv -232 MB Z9C20RSX MegaUpload -Y11-PW-_TBK_.part1.rar - 95.3 MB H8DICCYW MegaUpload -Y11-PW-_TBK_.part2.rar - 95.3 MB EVBNTU97 MegaUpload -Y11-PW-_TBK_.part3.rar - 42.1 MB

[Exiled-Destiny]_Yumeria_Ep12_(13ECE225).mkv -232 MB 5V6UDS4Y MegaUpload -Y12-PW-_TBK_.part1.rar - 95.3 MB KXAUFJYC MegaUpload -Y12-PW-_TBK_.part2.rar - 95.3 MB J0LLP16Z MegaUpload -Y12-PW-_TBK_.part3.rar - 41.9 MB


Feel Free to share the links just DO NOT edit them in anyway.
DivShare File - Yumeria[MKV][Dual Audio][230MB] _TBK_.rtf

-For the most up to date version of this page, (more mirrors, ect..) go here
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Yumeria [MKV] [Dual Audio] [233 MB] ~[MegaUpload]
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