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 Evangelion Death And Rebirth [MKV] [Dual Audio] [700 MB]

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PostSubject: Evangelion Death And Rebirth [MKV] [Dual Audio] [700 MB]   Thu Jun 25, 2009 6:04 pm

[Anime] [Cor] Evangelion Death And Rebirth [MKV] [Dual Audio] [700 MB] (2 Mirrors)
[Anime] [Cor] Evangelion Death And Rebirth [MKV] [Dual Audio] [700 MB]

Genres: drama, psychological, science fiction
Themes: Mecha
Age rating: Mature (May contain sex, drugs, and extreme graphic violence)
Plot Summary: During the early 21st century a meteorite crashed into Antarctica. After scientists went to study the crash a gigantic explosion followed, classified as the 'Second Impact'. Shinji Ikari is a fourteen year-old boy who has come to Toyko3, a city that also serves as a fortress, to meet up with his father who left him many years ago. The city also happens to be under seige by monsterous creatures called 'Angels' at the time of his arrival. Somehow Shinji finds himself in Evangelion Unit 01, and manages to synchronize with the giant robot. Shinji is told to become its permanent pilot, and is thrown into combat as the city's last defense for fighting off the angels. However, as Shinji fights, he begins to realize the truth behind the Angels, the Second Impact, man's struggle against God and what he truely is afraid of.
Quality: High
Format: H.264 MKV
Total Size: 699 MB
Password none
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Evangelion Death And Rebirth [MKV] [Dual Audio] [700 MB]
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