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 Death Note - Dual Audio - Subtitles

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PostSubject: Death Note - Dual Audio - Subtitles   Wed Nov 11, 2009 3:44 am

Superb Quality , Two language Audio with subtitles.

NOT uploaded by me.

Default Death Note (Subbed)(AVI)

Light Yagami is an extremely intelligent young man who resents the crime and corruption in the world. His life undergoes a drastic change in the year 2003, when he discovers a mysterious notebook, known as the "Death Note", lying on the ground. The Death Note's instructions claim that if a human's name is written within it, that person shall die. Light is initially skeptical of the notebook's authenticity, but after experimenting with it, Light realizes that the Death Note is real. After meeting with the previous owner of the Death Note, a shinigami named Ryuk, Light seeks to become "the God of the new world" by passing his judgment on those he deems to be evil or who get in his way.

Soon, the number of inexplicable deaths of reported criminals catches the attention of the International Police Organization and a mysterious detective known only as "L". L quickly learns that the serial killer, dubbed by the public as "Kira" (derived from the Japanese pronunciation of the word "Killer"), is located in Japan. L also concludes that Kira can kill people without laying a finger on them. Light realizes that L will be his greatest nemesis, and a game of psychological cat and mouse between the two begins.

Type: TV
Episodes: 37
Genres: Supernatural, Shounen, Psychological, Police, Mystery, Horror, Drama
Duration: 23 min. per episode
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older

Format: .AVI
Size: 153.5 MB - 194.1 MB
Number Of Episodes: 37/ Complete
Uploader: Yokurama

Episode 1 OGLJ5YK6

Episode 2 0EP0EMXB

Episode 3 MVIT7B60

Episode 4 W7HOK4HT

Episode 5 C62ST7ZA

Episode 6 IYZ2HE30

Episode 7 NBV5UF8B

Episode 8 900SGX6D

Episode 9 P43OJAJ3

Episode 10 81GTWDXB

Episode 11 RVT2KIYP

Episode 12 MP7R5DP1

Episode 13 ATIUB6N2

Episode 14 VDD203ME

Episode 15 BXNRFTHU

Episode 16 DEEC30JE

Episode 17 IKD99Z83

Episode 18 APLSCJTY

Episode 19 UY6S1EAF

Episode 20 61LKOK3J

Episode 21 Z1ISV29G

Episode 22 SQJ2IW4Z

Episode 23 P8FRZS0Q

Episode 24 AD3QPTWL

Episode 25 ZYIR5U1D

Episode 26 V23N6FN6

Episode 27 KIKNP2KU

Episode 28 V8WY11DQ

Episode 29 ZVJ9W0CG

Episode 30 M1EV3NHI

Episode 31 0HICIXGZ

Episode 32 FNVUDMGS

Episode 33 0QNV8P8G

Episode 34 TY5WGIGX

Episode 35 Q300ALMV

Episode 36 7ZYTZQJV

Episode 37 (Final) ROL5K7SR

Hope you enjoy Smile
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Death Note - Dual Audio - Subtitles
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