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 [Manga] Angel Densetsu [Complete] (7 Mirrors)

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PostSubject: [Manga] Angel Densetsu [Complete] (7 Mirrors)   Fri Jun 27, 2008 9:14 am

Angel Densetsu
[Manga] Angel Densetsu [Complete] (7 Mirrors)

Plot Summary: Kitano Seichiro - a boy with a face of a demon, but the heart of an angel. The story begins with him attending a new school, where nobody knows him... Because of his appearance, teachers and fellow classmen think he is the worst delinquent, "violence incarnate". They try to correct him, expel him or beat him up. Lots of accidents doesn't help to fix the situation either, and he gains the guardian position at his school. But because of his ultra-goodie attitude, some of those that attack him become his friends...All the misunderstandings make the story extremly funny.
Quality: High
Resolution: 750x1200
Size: 480 MB
Group: Manga-SketchBook
Volumes: 15 Complete
Password none
UploadJockey (RapidShare, MegaUpload, Depositfiles , SendSpace, Zshare, Badongo)
Upload Jockey -(RapidShare, MegaUpload, Depositfiles , SendSpace, Zshare, Badongo)
Upload Jockey Volume 1
Upload Jockey Volume 2
Upload Jockey Volume 3
Upload Jockey Volume 4
Upload Jockey Volume 5
Upload Jockey Volume 6
Upload Jockey Volume 7
Upload Jockey Volume 8
Upload Jockey Volume 9
Upload Jockey Volume 10
Upload Jockey Volume 11
Upload Jockey Volume 12
Upload Jockey Volume 13
Upload Jockey Volume 14
Upload Jockey Volume 15

Easy-Share -Sorry about the incomplete mirror but enjoy it anyway
Easy-Share Volume 1
Easy-Share Volume 2
Easy-Share Volume 3
Easy-Share Volume 4
Easy-Share Volume 5
Easy-Share Volume 6
Easy-Share Volume 7
Easy-Share Volume 8
Easy-Share Volume 9
Easy-Share Volume 10
Easy-Share Volume 11
Easy-Share Volume 12

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[Manga] Angel Densetsu [Complete] (7 Mirrors)
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